We are a group of librarians, researchers, graduate students, and others affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania who use R. We work on collaborative training projects to grow our combined skills and promote the use of reproducible research and coding practices.

We welcome individuals from all skill levels — including (and especially) people who haven’t used R but want to, and who have never used a scripting language (whether R, Python, etc.) before.


We meet every Friday from 10:00-11:30am in the Weigle Information Commons (WIC) on the first floor of the Van Pelt – Dietrich Library Center.

When possible, we agree in advance on topics for specific weeks.

Finding Us

Our Meeting Space

The Weigle Information Commons is located in the Van Pelt – Dietrich Library Center.

We meet in the WIC’s seminar room.


The Seminar Room is equipped with 20 Mac laptops; thus, you don’t need to bring a computer to join us.

There’s no need to tell us in advance that you’re coming in, and no requirement that you attend every week (though we encourage doing so!).

In addition to our group, the WIC works with a graduate-student statistical software consultant, Patricia Posey, who can advise on project-specific R questions. Patricia has available office hours, which can be booked here.

Our Digital Spaces

You can chat with other use-Rs on our Slack channel (you’ll need to create an account with your U. Penn email address).

You can find us on GitHub, as well.