Recommended Resources

Getting Started with R


  • Install R (choose the link at the top for your operating system.
    • If you click Windows, click “base” on the following page.
    • If you click Mac OS X, click the first link under “Latest Release” (it will look like “R-3.5.0.pkg”)
    • If you click Linux, you probably already have R installed on your system. If not, go through your Operating System’s package manager.
  • Install RStudio (choose the link at the top for your operating system.)
  • Open RStudio
    • If you are on a Mac, you may be asked to install “Developer Tools.” Go ahead and click Ok. RStudio may later say that it is “Finding software,” or something similar. This may take a while, but will eventually finish.
    • Once RStudio is open, click on the bottom left part of the screen, next to the “>” symbol. Paste the following, and then press Enter on your keyboard:

      It will probably take several minutes (up to 10+ minutes) to install everything. You’ll know it’s finished once you see the “>” symbol at the bottom of the screen again.

Customizing RStudio

Other learning resources

Doing Statistical Analyses in R